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Origin:  Annapolis, MD

Current Town:  Nashville, TN 

Genre:  Rock & Roll


Years Active:  2010- Present


Label:  Dirty Names



Gotta get DIRTY if you wanna get clean!

Harrison Cofer is a lion in human skin. With an electric guitar and a microphone in hand, he's bound to hack up a hair ball or two.

Matt Rose is half man half dachshund. Be careful cuz once he gets the rhythm going, there's no stopping him.   


Sam Wetterau is a cool drink on a hot day. They call him the doctor of delight and he'll prescribe Fernet for just about anything.

Kit Whitacre is like a block of lemon jello. A little sweet, a little sour, he'll jiggle and slide right off your plate.

This troublesome 4 make up the Dirty Names, a RocknRoll band from Annapolis MD, based in Nashville TN. They've been likened to the Rolling Stones and T. Rex with an appeal that is undeniably magnetic . Known as the hardest working band in show business, the Dirty Names "got it". Put on your rubber boots and get down with the Dirty Names!

Rahsaan Roland Kirk  AKA  The Inspiration AKA  All You Need To Know.  


Label: Dirty Names


Management: Dirty Names -

Booking:  Dirty Names -



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